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The Edge Series

It all started with a second glance over a clipboard…

All Bradley wants is one chance with the enchanting Vera Cross. She is the reason and the answer to his nightmares. Only she can set him free from his own twisted hell. One touch, one kiss, one sigh from her foxy lips, and the hungry beast in him will give her everything she desires. But as Brad’s dreams become reality, he soon learns that Vera Cross is not at all what she seems.

Genre: Contemporary romance, erotic, suspense/thriller, light BDSM

Heat level: 5
Word count – 5k

Cover art by Fiona Jayde


“Tell me what you need, Mr. George,” she said, her sexy voice making his pulse race.

I need you.

The long sweep of her charcoal lashes cloaked the most gorgeous eyes. Blue like a freshwater lake beneath a glacier, vivid against her alabaster skin and jet black hair. Ripe in all the right places, her body should be replicated into a sculpture, or at least a blowup doll. With endless curves and slopes to make a man hungry for action, she defined a sex goddess. He even wanted to lick the glossy leather of the plain black heels encasing her tiny feet.

Brad ached for her so bad he could taste it. He wanted to be the man she remembered—not one she used and then discarded.

She taunted him with her sultry glances and sultry lips. Eyes closed, he pictured her never-ending thighs in sheer black stockings, tight skirt hugging her delicious body like a second skin. Every step she took made her calves bulge and flex. He wanted to lick her shapely legs all the way up. He imagined she would taste like heaven to a man burning in Hell.

He hated himself for needing her with such desperation. His madness was all her fault. She ignited it the moment she strutted into his lonely world.

“Are you doing well, Mr. George?” Her eyes glinted with sexual deviousness.

He’d give her what she craved and what he so desperately desired. He had to. His life hung by a thread over his lust for her.

Remain calm. “Yes. Isn’t that what you want to hear?”

Author Bio:

BL Bonita lives on the north shore of Lake Superior in the wilderness of Northern Ontario. She grew up at an exclusive hunting/fishing resort as well as numerous rugged and remote fly-in camps. Needless to say she's a true bush woman and is inspired by nature’s beauty. BL has travelled Canada extensively and hopes to see the world someday, but for now, home is where her heart is. Some call her funny, maybe a little crazy, and she’s definitely the black cat of her family. Besides continuing her Contemporary Erotica as BL, she will also write Historical Romance as Bonita Linna. But never fear; her work is known for gritty dialogue, smoking-hot sex scenes and action-filled plots. That will never change. And of course, strong coffee is always within reach.

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