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Love on the Line II

The Edge Series

Silver Star Line

A six hour train ride to Florida was not nearly enough to satisfy Brady Frost. When sexy co-ed Lorna McNight calls for a rendezvous two days later, he’s more than ready to take up where they left off, and arrives just in time to keep her from being raped.

Lorna’s first mistake was misjudging the schmuck at the bar. If Brady hadn’t arrived in time to rescue her, she may never have been heard from again. Her second mistake was underestimating her desire for the mature knight in bruised armor, and her ability to keep love and sex separate. When it’s time to board the Silver Star home, will she be able to leave her heart behind?

Genre: Contemporary romance, erotic, May-December romance

Heat level: 5
Word count – 9k

Cover art by Fiona Jayde


The gaudy watch read seven-thirty. She stirred her rum drink and tried not to stare at the hotel entrance. Her head ached from listening to him, but she didn’t know how to make him leave. The leech wrapped his palm over hers, pulling her hand away from her lap. She jerked in his hold, but he wouldn’t let go, and for some reason, she couldn’t pull away.

“Settle down, settle down.”

She glared at him, ready to bitch him out, but lost her train of thought. A chill slid over her. “You mother-fucker. What did you do to me?”

“Oh, honey, I gave you something to relax. Don’t worry, it’s harmless.” His thick lips spread in a smile. “Let’s go have some fun.”

She blinked and fought to stay focused. The guy tugged her elbow hard enough she slid off the barstool. When she couldn’t maintain her balance, she fell into his arms. She tried to push against him, but he was too strong.


She looked up into her lover’s narrowed brown eyes. He stood a few feet away, arms folded. Tears blurred her vision when he didn’t step forward to pull her to safety. He didn’t understand what was happening. “Brady—”

“Excuse us, buddy. We were just leaving.”

The room spun as the schmuck whirled her toward the door. “No.” She struggled, but she couldn’t get free. In desperation, she glanced back at Brady, hoping for rescue.

His feet were planted. He hadn’t moved.

Author Bio:

Terminally addicted to romances, thanks to finding her aunt's stash of 'Harlequin Presents' years ago during a sleepover, J.M. Madden loves any and all good love stories. Most particularly her own. She has two beautiful children and a husband who always keeps her on her toes.

J.M. was a Deputy Sheriff in Ohio for nine years, until hubby moved the clan to Kentucky. When not chasing the family around, she's at the computer, reading and writing, trying to perfect her craft. She occasionally takes breaks to feed her animal horde, and is trying to control her office-supply addiction, but both tasks are uphill battles. Happily, she is writing full-time now. She always has several projects in the works and loves to hear from readers.

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