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Endless Affair

A 1Night Stand Story

Tanith is caught in a projectile portal, jumping from one dimension to another. The one thing that triggers his transports is the woman he can't live without: Moira. After years of searching for her in this world, he seeks help from the incomparable Madame Eve. The reward is the greatest pleasure he's ever known. The price is making them go through hell all over again.

Dance is prima ballerina Moira’s life and breath, but her soul yearns for more. Although she plans to ignore a mysterious invitation to a masquerade, her heart denies refusal. The draw to the enigmatic man across the room is intense and, without question, inevitable. With one dance, she's caught. With one kiss, she knows the truth…they've done this before.

Genre: Contemporary, erotic romance, fantasy, time travel

Heat level: 4
Word count – 12k

Cover art by Angela Anderson Designs


Suddenly, an invisible current rippled through the air above, an electric wave that lifted the hair on her arms. She looked up, a chill trickling down her spine. “Did you feel that?”

He sighed, searching the ceiling. “It’s already starting.”

His release was so abrupt, she gasped at the coolness of the air, away from the warmth of his body. He turned his head, listening with concern, his sharp, handsome profile making her ache to be in his arms again.

Goodness, how she wanted him. This she knew absolutely. “What’s wrong?”

“I have to go.”

“Why?” Alarm raced through her. Their interlude had ended much too fast.

“Come with me.”


Grabbing her hand, he wound through the crowd with long, charged strides. He led her to the entrance of the ballroom, which meant his aim was to take her away. Part of her demanded caution against disappearing with a man she’d just met, to shake his hold, while another voice urged her to go with him.


Author Bio:

Writing romance is an obsession and a dream for Angelita. As a happy local in Las Vegas, she lives with her own alpha male and still gets giddy when he walks in the room. When she's not chasing her characters on the laptop, she enjoys volunteering for the ballet, organizing a girls night out, looking for wild horses at Red Rock Canyon, and attempting to cook like the French.

Historical romance is her favorite genre to read. If she could travel back in time, she'd attend a ball in Regency England in a fabulously wicked gown, and dance with the most handsome rogue in the room. This shameless romantic loves chocolate martinis, Pin Up Couture, sarcastic wit, and true crime documentaries.

She writes paranormal, fantasy, and contemporary romance and will never stop. Even if there's a zombie apocalypse.

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