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We accept only one manuscript at a time per author. We DO NOT accept simultaneous submissions.
Word count is 10k-65k.
Decadent Publishing does not accept submissions that contain illegal sexual acts, bestiality (including un-shifted/shifted shapeshifter combinations), incest, pedophilia, glorified racial intolerance, necrophilia, or graphic rape for purposes of titillation - if it is an integral part of the story and not posed in a positive light it may be considered. Romance submissions can be sweet to smoking hot. Sexual or sensual scenes should enhance, not BE, the story.

Please see our FAQ page for further information.
If you wish to submit your story to us, please send an email to the following address and request our submissions form:

1- Very mild language, romance, no sexual acts.
2- May contain some coarse language, violence, sexual or sensual situations.
3- May contain adult language, adult situations and violence.
4- Sex and language will be hot, graphic and plentiful. For romance genres, the romance will be the focus of the story with erotic elements.
5- May contain graphic and plentiful sex, graphic language, violence.


Decadent Publishing invites you to join the Black Hills Wolves pack. Dawn has come to Los Lobos and a nearly decimated wolf pack has found its feet again. Drew Tao has ousted his father, the Alpha, reclaimed his mate, and is determined to make things better than they ever were before.

Length—18,000-30,000 words
Heat Level—3-5

What we’re looking for:

I. These are multi-authored shared world stories. All authors are invited, even encouraged to use already created characters from other stories as long as the characters stay true to the world and the characterizations given to the character by the original author.

II. All authors are required to use, at some point, Gee the Were-Bear bartender in their story.

III. This is a shifter series, so at least one of the main characters should shift at least once in the story.

IV. All stories should have a HEA or HFN ending.

V. While the primary story focus is the wolf-shifter genre, a mixed genre story is welcome, including but not limited to: contemporary, suspense, paranormal, time travel, thriller, military, and new adult.

VI. Please email to receive the official copy of the series bible. Since the bible is always changing, please check back more than once, especially if it takes you a long time to write your story.

VII. Questions? Email

1NIGHT STAND Special Call

1Night Stand dates have reached new levels of kink with the opening of a new BDSM underground resort club in Las Vegas.

With every luxury and amenity, gorgeous pools, well-equipped dungeons, the finest in leather and steel, and devices to delight, the Carnivore Club is ready to serve some of Madame Eve's clients. Suites are available.

We are looking for stories in the BDSM genre that meet the requirements of the 1Night Stand series. While stories need not take place at the resort, consider the facilities available. We are sure your characters will have the time of their lives. Stories should be between 15-20k. 1Night Stand series details are available on the 1NS blog, Contact Valerie Mann ( or Kate Richards ( with any questions.


Are you up for a challenge? Can you write a romance based on an assigned Grimm’s Fairytale? Yes. Then email me for your tale

LENGTH: 15-65k
SUB-GENRES ACCEPTED: All sub-genres of romance.

These rules apply:

• You are assigned a fairy tale from the list of Grimm’s tales by an Acquisitions editor upon request. Bear in mind, this does not guarantee a contract. The final version needs to be submitted within 6 months from time of assignment. The manuscript will be read for approval, or revision and resubmission, and yes, if not up to standards, rejection. So make sure you bring your A game and have your critique partner(s) go over it before you send. Any rejected manuscripts will have their fairytale reassigned to another author. The purpose of the assigned tales is to avoid a Galaxy full of Cinderellas.

• It must be a twisted version of a Grimm’s Fairytale, in any of the romance genres and sub-genres. The names of the characters don’t have to be the same, but something in the title needs to reflect the fairytale, and the story should have elements within it that tie it to the original fairytale. For instance, Red Riding hood might be a fighter pilot named Captain Rider who flies for the Universal League and her nemesis is called The Wolf.

• All stories reference Nicodemus, the storyteller. Please visit FAQ on our Beyond Fairytales blog to learn more about him. Beyond Fairytales Blog. Authors should not add or change things about him. Who or what he is, where he comes from, are a mystery. Heat ratings will range from 3 to 5. The stories can take place on earth, in space, or on another world, or even in a alternate universe, but please reference the story teller somewhere in your tale.

• Decadent submission guidelines apply. Please read over what we will and will not accept. Fairytale rules also apply. The tales start with the classic Once upon a time.... We will also expect to see happily ever afters—or happy for now, endings. How you get there, is up to you, but end them on a happy note.

TO SUBMIT: Email to request a submissions form.
Please specify this is for the Beyond Fairytales series.


To view our Beyond Fairytales video, CLICK HERE.


Contemporary, provocative stories about billionaires and their love interests. Hero or heroine may be the billionaire, or both may be. At least one must be a member of LEGACY, an exclusive country club type facility and resort.

Decadent Temptation Key Elements

Powerful, passionate and provocative contemporary romances set against a backdrop of wealth, privilege and glamour. Stories must be compelling and identifiable. Interracial and multicultural tales are preferred.

• Juicy, intense, dramatic storylines with a highly sensual feel
• High-stakes emotional and/or external conflicts drive the plot
• Character development and growth are key
• Fresh takes on classic themes
• Stories can be set throughout the world, but must begin or end at the club
• This is primarily a contemporary series. While we don't discourage paranormal submissions, only light paranormal elements will be considered and on a case-by-case basis. Paranormal should not be the focus of the story; please send query and synopsis before submitting in this sub-genre.
• If the author wants to use a foreign locale or language, be sure it has been checked and translated correctly.
• The author's voice sets the tone for each story
• Sexual language may range from two to four flames
• The reader should want to befriend these characters, and fall in love with the hero
• LGBT, Ménage, BDSM are welcome
• Stories should range between 35,000 to 60,000 words in length
• Stories meeting all other guidelines, but shorter in length, will have the option to be published as a Decadent Tease (15,000 to 30,000)

Heroes for Decadent Temptation are wealthy, powerful and definitely alphas. They have a sense of entitlement, but they are also capable of being vulnerable, caring, and generous.

Heroines for Decadent Temptation are complex, tough, and know who they are and what they want to do with their lives. She may be wealthy in her own right, or not, but it is her spirit, her smarts, and her strong will that make her desirable.

In a Decadent Temptation, the hero and the heroine are equally important. He should be someone the reader can fall in love with and she should be someone a reader wants to be friends with.

Decadent Temptation is…
Dynasty, Dallas, Revenge, Sex in the City, Hotel—think wealth, glamour, and intense story arcs—family drama is acceptable, but the story focus should be on the hero and heroine and their romantic entanglements.

The Legacy Club
About:At the Legacy, the members may have things more unusual in common than exclusive bloodlines or shared memories of freshman year at Harvard. The club is for the ultra-wealthy, new or old money. It’s an exclusive membership—and it costs.

Membership:Members don’t apply—they are invited. No one knows the exact criteria except for the Board of Directors. To receive an invitation indicates the prospective member has reached a pinnacle of success. The cost to join: a $100,000 initiation fee and $25,000 a year thereafter. Although the club doesn’t advertise, some of the city’s greatest charitable benefactors are found on the club’s rolls leading some to conclude that it is the great acts of charity and commitment to community that earn an invitation.

Concierge:Killian. First or last name—nobody knows for sure, but it’s the only name he goes by. As the club concierge, he’s indispensable. He may hold mail for absentee tenants and look after their apartments, provide information to residents and guests, provide access to and will enforce club rules, and act as a go-between for residents and management. He can find just about anything, knows just about everyone, remembers everything he hears, and is discreet to a fault.

At six-foot, he’s tall, well spoken and has no trace of an accent. He speaks multiple languages fluently, and appears somewhere in his late thirties, early forties. He is not a romantic interest, no exceptions, and will rebuff politely, any romantic overture made toward him. He takes his work very seriously and is personable, but maintains a cool politeness in even the most volatile of situations. No one’s fool, people trying to ‘sneak’ onto the grounds will find that Killian removes them before they can get past the lobby.

Amenities:The Legacy Club has its own restaurant, terrace, bar, lounge and private dining room. Privileged members have access to spas, salons, barbers, fitness room, private trainers, masseuse therapists and more. Members also have access to speakers, rare art, artists, and even a satellite office to handle business while visiting. The Legacy Club maintains the latest sports vehicles that can be ‘rented’ from the club for the duration of a stay.

Dress code:No dress code is required for Legacy members outside of one or two of the private dining rooms where formal attire is expected.

For The Street:Chances are, Legacy members will rub elbows with the world’s wealthiest men and women. Business may be conducted and members are allowed to ‘rent suites’ if they are visiting from out of town. No one enters the Legacy without membership and visitors are limited to specific areas only when vouched for by a member.

We don't consider queries, proposals or partial manuscripts, nor do we consider a manuscript that is simultaneously submitted to other publishers. All manuscripts must be complete and submitted along with a submission form, which can be obtained by requesting one at:


New Adult, contemporary paranormal stories about shifters, weres and their love interests as they take their first real steps into adulthood and independence. Hero or heroine (or both) must be a type of shifter or were. The tales in Decadent Roar explore college life from the shapeshifter or were-shifter’s point of view. What’s it like to be away from the pack? What freedoms can be explored? What dangers lurk? Do you pledge a fraternity? What about a sorority? Does this college happen to have a shifter-only spot on Greek row? Through parties to mid-terms, to discovering who they are, characters in a Decadent Roar tale will take you on a journey through college love, the ups and the downs, and what happens when everything you thought you knew turns out to be even more difficult than you would have believed?

Decadent Roar Key Elements

Shifters and weres are key to this series, and story elements should be targeted to an adult, not teen, audience, and should contain adult contemporary themes, frank, modern language, high relationship drama and intense conflict. Impulsive actions are welcome in New Adult stories, as long as the protagonist learns something about life and themselves as a consequence of their action.

• Juicy, intense, storylines
• High-stakes emotional and/or external conflicts drive the plot
• Character development and growth are key
• Character’s actions, dress and dialogue should be age-appropriate
• One or both main characters should be in the 18-to-26 age range
• Stories can be set throughout the world, but must have a contemporary, real-world feel
• The author's voice sets the tone for each story
• Third person point of view preferred, first person will be considered on a manuscript-by-manuscript basis
• Sexual language may range from two to four flames
• LGBT, ménage, multicultural, and interracial stories are welcome
• The reader should want to befriend these characters, and fall in love with them
• While college life does have a seedier aspect, including sexual harassment and assault, no successful rape tales will be accepted. Avoiding rape, being saved from it, or turning the tables on a rapist are encouraged
• All sex should be portrayed as safe sex, including condoms (exceptions may be made only based on story context, but be prepared to hear ‘no.’)
• Internal series within a series are welcome, be prepared with potential story ideas for future books if submitting a series within a series. Please note: all books are considered individually and future submissions are not guaranteed acceptance.
• Stories should range between 15,000 to 35,000 words in length
• Longer stories will be considered on a case-by-case basis

Heroes for Decadent Roar are tough, independent, and making a place for themselves in the world. They may have alpha tendencies, but they are also capable of being vulnerable, caring, and generous.

Heroines for Decadent Roar are complex, savvy, and curious about the world they are exploring. It may be their first time on their own, they may be straining at the jesses or desperate to return to the safety of the pack—but they are also eager to discover. It is her independent nature and intelligence that makes her desirable.

In a Decadent Roar, the hero and the heroine are equally important. They should be the characters you wanted to know, to discover, and to learn about the world alongside.

Decadent Roar is…

Felicity, The Vampire Diaries, Arrow, Kindred the Embraced, Charmed, Teen Wolf—
When you think about going to college it’s about independence, beginning a new chapter in your life and being an “adult” for the first time. While you still rely on your parents, you’re truly spreading your wings and the bumps and bruises along the way can have a very real impact on your future.


ROAR is the business name of the shifter hotline.


About:At the heart of the 555-ROAR are a mysterious, nearly androgynous pair named Hui and Min. Available by text, phone call, Skype or Facebook page, this pair are considered neutral territory to all shifter and were packs regardless of alliance or wars. Established as a hotline, ROAR answers the needs of the young shifter—whether it’s locating a safe place to hunt, to meet, to mingle, or simply to get advice—and even if a character is stranded, Hui and Min may be able to send someone to help.

ROAR is run by Hui and Min. They will not appear in person. Very little is known about the pair, or what type of shifters they might be. They can be reached from anywhere in the world and they are the only two who will ever answer the requests. We will not make any exceptions, so please don't ask.

Hui and Min are Asian, they seem rather androgynous though Hui is definitely the more male of the two while Min ‘seems’ female.

Phone calls are allowed, but Hui and Min’s conversations on the phone will be brief. They may or may not respond in later fashion either with a text or email.

Neither Hui nor Min have any known pack mates or siblings. No one knows who they ‘belong’ to if any, but even the alphas respect them. They do not interfere in pack politics or wars. Though if a young shifter calls them for help to get away, they may send a car to let that shifter relocate or hook them up with a stronger shifter who can help.

Neither Hui nor Min will ever send someone ‘evil’ to help. They know what they’re doing. They also don’t offer bad advice. They will also not be ‘fooled’ by requests from those meaning to do ‘harm.’

Stories may involve characters from other planets or dimensions, but the story takes place in the CONTEMPORARY setting with strong paranormal elements. No dimension-hopping or time-traveling allowed—though if a character is extremely old and a flashback is appropriate, that will be considered on a story-by-story basis.

All ROARs should have a distinct HEA ending.

We don't consider queries, proposals or partial manuscripts, nor do we consider a manuscript that is simultaneously submitted to other publishers. All manuscripts must be complete and submitted along with a submission form, which can be obtained by requesting one at:

For more information, visit the ROAR blog.


Challenge: A test of one's abilities or resources in a demanding but stimulating undertaking.

In every life, there are challenges, boulders in the flowing stream of existence. From the physical, to the psychological or emotional, nobody is immune. No one gets through life intact, but the challenge is not to avoid damage, but to work through, past or around the things that make life so difficult.

We all know people who do this—live fulfilling lives in spite of the difficulties they are forced to deal with.

We want to hear about characters who do just this—and the people who love them. Challenge is a romance series with a twist. The “challenge” must take a central role in the characters’ romance.

1. All challenges should be dealt with respect and dignity.
2. Any challenge should be thoroughly researched for accuracy and realism. We do not want to offend or misinform the reader in any way.
3. While alternative lifestyles are welcome to be part of plots in our books, we will not allow any challenge to be an integral part of a fetish. To be blunt…he can love her if she doesn’t have legs, but not because she doesn’t have legs.
4. We are not accepting any paranormal, sci-fi or other world-building genre at this time. This means no shifters, vampires, aliens, or otherworldly creatures. They’ve got their own set of challenges. We are looking for challenges with humans only.

Length: 10-25k

Heat Level: 1-4. We are open to romances between young adults as well as adults. Books of lower heat levels will also be featured on the Bono Books, sister site of Decadent Publishing.

Manuscript formatting:

Times New Roman 12 point font
1.5 spacing
1-inch margins
NO headers, footers or page numbers
Word doc or rtf format only
Author name and title on first page only

If you have any questions, email:


Big, beautiful women who ROCK their size 12 or 22, who live out loud, love their curves, and enjoy the man (or men!) in their lives.

LENGTH: 10-65k
SUB-GENRES ACCEPTED: Interracial, multicultural, paranormal, sci-fi, straight contemporary, menage, erotic, sweet romance, suspense, western
TO SUBMIT: Email to request a submissions form. Please specify if this is for a series (1Night Stand, Edge, Western Escape, etc.) or a main line book.


If a disaster struck, would you be prepared?
If you had five minutes to leave your home with everything needed to re-start your life, could you?
If the world ended, would you?

Preppers are a growing and diverse group that some even call a ‘sub-culture’. But most preppers are just average Americans who simply have a plan for self-sufficiency and survival in case a minor or major disaster happens. They have extra food and water on hand and a bag packed in case they need to get away fast. Some convert old missile silos into bunkers in case of global pandemic or nuclear war, but most are more practical and simply learn or apply the basic skills of survival that our grandparents’ generation used in everyday life. Californians have earthquakes, New England and the Gulf coast have hurricanes, the Midwest—tornadoes. Are you prepared?

Decadent Publishing is tapping into that sub-culture to bring you a line of Prepper Romances. They are sexy, fun, sometimes suspenseful , and always entertaining stories with a little bit of ‘prepper’ thrown in for some added flavor.

Stories should contain some details of prepper life, though the main story doesn’t have to be about prepping, it should be about the relationships and circumstances.

LENGTH: 10-65k
SUB-GENRES ACCEPTED: Interracial, contemporary, near futuristic (right after a collapse or disaster), multicultural, western, sweet romance, suspense.
TO SUBMIT: Email to request a submissions form. Please note that it is a Prepper Romance when submitting.


Do you adore the Food Network? Do Bobby Flay and Rocco DiSpirito titillate your senses when they caress a flank steak, whip cream to a sensual cloud, or lay a beautiful table? Does a man's skill in the kitchen impress and delight you as much as the way he kisses?

Then we want you to write a Foodie Romance for Decadent Publishing!

Foodie romance focuses on romance, but food would win the prize for best supporting character. Maybe the heroine is a chef or a food critic, or maybe the hero just appreciates a meal masterfully prepared for maximum enjoyment. Like any art form, the Culinary Arts can be enjoyed as a sensual experience, exciting to the eyes and pleasing to the palate. Whether your taste is gourmet Kobe burgers in Seattle, European pastries in Salzburg, or delicate sushi in Sunagawa, foodie romance is about the culture of cuisine and the people who enjoy it.

LENGTH: 10-65k
SUB-GENRES ACCEPTED: Interracial, contemporary, multicultural, western, sweet romance, suspense, LGBT, ménage, M/M, sci-fi, paranormal
TO SUBMIT: Email to request a submissions form. Please note that it is a Foodie Romance when submitting. Also note if it is for a specific series (1Night Stand, Edge, Western Escape, etc.) or a main line submission.


Africa... Land of the Serengeti, of wide savannas, where exotic wild animals like giraffes stroll through your backyard...

If this is your idea of modern Africa, you’d be way off the mark! Ubuntu (“I am what I am because of who we all are.”) embraces the notion of community, of roots, of spreading your arms open in welcome. Our stories from the Ubuntu line will reflect this philosophy, and take you to Africa to meet the people from that far-away, unknown-to-many land.

Take a peek at modern Africa. This is a world where, on the backdrop of the famine crisis in Darfur and Somalia, of political unrest in countries like the Democratic Republic of Congo and Egypt, millions step into the global village and embrace the fast-paced life offered by technology and the Internet. Multinational companies have offices in many African capitals, opening the way for a slew of expatriates to settle in those countries, where the world’s biggest brand names like Hugo Boss and Lacoste are opening outlets.

Don’t also forget that Africa is not only the black continent – a handful of islands make up the African territory, as well. From minerals-rich Madagascar (and the land of Black Magic, still practiced to this day!) to tourist hot-spots like Mauritius, the Seychelles, and the Maldives – islander culture opens up another world to exploit in your writing. And in the top, northern parts of Africa, meet the Arab world in the countries of the Maghreb (Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria, among others).

With its rich history, Africa has native African clans and tribes, colonist white populations – British, French, and Afrikaners –Indian-origin people who emigrated as traders and/or indentured labor, Chinese people who came in as traders.

We want to see your stories set in any of these locations. Whether your characters are expats, foreigners on a visit, native Africans (of black, white, Indian, Chinese, Arab, etc, descent!), show us the true face of Africa as people experience it every day. We want to see what is different, interesting, horrifying and fabulous about Africa. We want "can't put the book down" conflict and tension specific to Africa - like finding love while working in a refugee camp or working at an HIV education clinic, Peace Corps, fighting gun runners, pirates, etc. The options are as rich and diverse as the country itself.

LENGTH: 10-65k
SUB-GENRES ACCEPTED: Interracial, contemporary, multicultural, sweet romance, suspense, LGBT, ménage
TO SUBMIT: Email to request a submissions form. Please note that it is for the UBUNTU line when submitting.



The Edge is a series of erotica and fetish tales designed to test the limits of our enjoyment of eroticism. For the purpose of this series, erotica is defined as a story with sexual encounters being the primary focus and a believable plot is required.

HEA or HFN is not required. But we welcome one if it is a believable ending.

We encourage you to explore the many ways people find to express themselves—in the bedroom, or out.

LENGTH: 15-30K
TO SUBMIT: Send an email to: and request a submissions form. Please note THE EDGE in the subject line.


Contemporary and historical multi-author romance series set in the fictitious town of Freewill, WY.
Please see our Western Escape blog for further details and specs.


Contemporary, multi-national romance stories.
Setting: Countries around the world.
The hero can be any modern alpha male in the military or covert ops: Marines, MP, CIA, Homeland Security, NSA, Embassy personnel, etc.
Heroine can be an American or foreign national. Her age should be 25+.

Wherever your setting, we need local flavor. Tap your travel experiences! Give us fun, adventure, romance, interesting settings, strong characters and hot lovin', cultural insights.

LENGTH: 10-65k
SUB-GENRES ACCEPTED: Interracial, contemporary, multicultural, sweet romance, suspense, ménage
TO SUBMIT: Email to request a submissions form. Please note that it is for the HONOR GUARD line when submitting.


If you are interested in writing for this extremely popular line, details can be found on our 1Night Stand blog,
We are particularly interested in GLBT titles. Please direct all 1NS queries to one of our managing editors:
Kate Richards (
Valerie Mann (

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