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If you are interested in submitting your manuscript to us, please take a few moments to review the following:

1. How long will I have to wait for a response once I have submitted?

Answer - Realizing the frustration that lack of communication creates, we acknowledge receipt of your submission within the first 24 hours. The final decision as to whether your manuscript has been accepted will occur within 60 days. If you have not heard from us by then, feel free to write back and ask for a status report.

2. What are the terms of the contract?

Answer - Our contract is for five years from date of publication - seven years for audio books. It requires full rights (digital and print) and is negotiable. We pay royalties of 40%. Further details are available for review once we offer a contract for your manuscript.

3. How soon after I sign a contract will my book be released?

Answer - Release dates are dependent on a number of factors. Availability of editors, the extent of editing needed, the publishing schedule for other books in the same genre or by the same author. Decadent makes every attempt to release within a three to six month time frame.

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