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At Decadent Publishing, we believe the cost of an ebook should be affordable. We are dedicated to delivering extraordinary books at reasonable prices!

Short Story - 7k-10k words --$1.99
Novella - Up to 30k words --$2.99
Mini-Novel - 31k-50k words -- $3.99
Full length Novel -- $4.99

After your financial transaction is completed, you will be automatically routed back to the website and your download page. If you navigate away from the website prior to this occurring, you can log in to your account at any time, go to the "My Downloads" link and find/download your purchases.

1- Very mild language, romance, no sexual acts.
2- May contain some coarse language, violence, sexual or sensual situations.
3- May contain adult language, adult situations and violence.
4- Sex and language will be hot, graphic and plentiful. For romance genres, the romance will be the focus of the story with erotic elements.
5- May contain graphic and plentiful sex, graphic language, violence.

The following list of formats is provided to help you choose the one that best suits how you would like to read your ebook. Once you have purchased your ebook, all five formats will be available for you to download:

Adobe Acrobat (pdf) is a free program for your computer or PDA. This format is the most popular. It can be read from your computer screen, imported to a Palm or Pocket PC, printed, and is also usable with the Kindle Gen2. You can download this free reader at

Mobipocket (.prc) is another free program designed specifically for PDAs such as a Palm or a Pocket PC. This format can be used with the Kindle ereader. It has an interface that allows for reading on your computer, however, this reader does not allow for printing. You can download this free reader at

EPub (short for electronic publication) is a format that allows reading on a wide variety of ereaders, including the Apple iPad.

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